Welcome to Scrooge's Spirits

Scrooge's Spirits is Anderson's premier ABC store with an outstanding Wine and Beer Shop. We specialize in fine wines, closeout special wines and imported / microbrew beers. The owner and associates are dedicated to providing a comfortable shopping environment to serve all of your beverage and special occasion needs.

Our Store

Our store encompasses 8,400 square feet designed for a safe, cozy and pleasant shopping experience. The building is bathed in light with high ceilings to provide an open, airy atmosphere.

There are 3,200 square feet dedicated to the ABC store. The vineyard contains 1,000 square feet of fine wines in redwood racks for your shopping convenience. The wine and beer shop offers a huge selection of imported and micro-brewed beers and a large Value Vineyard where selections can be tasted before purchasing them.

You are greeted in the lobby by a water garden with fountain and gold fish.